About Nada

Nada’s story as a human rights activist started when she was 11 in 2013, she would tell the world her story, because she refused to be a victim of human rights violation, although Nada has faced many struggles and disappointments in her way but she never surrendered, that made her more determined to keep fighting for her cause and as result of that she got the sympathy and support of thousands of people, including human rights activists.

Personal Information

Name: Nada Esmail Saleh Hashem Al-Ahdal
Date of Birth: 2-2-2002
Activity: Children rights activist
Phone: +966 536 784 050
E-mail: info@nadaalahdal.com

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Child marriage
Recruitment of children
Children deprived of education
Children's Food Needs

Violations Against Nada

Nada has been subjected to many violations in her right by many quarters, but this did not stop
her from continuing her mission.

2013 | August

Nada is jailed by security forces

Because of her attemps to pass  bill that prohibits marriage before 18 age, Nada was accused to work for western states  against Yemen and  was detained.

2013 | October

She is investigated for 7 hours

Nada and her uncle were put in custody to sign a commitment that  they won't show in media and talk about Nada's story or anything related.

2015 | March

Nada is under home arrest by Huthies

Huthie militants put Nada under home arrest to prevent her from travel abroad to attend a ceremony in Switzerland where she is going to be honored.

2015 | December

Nada is hijacked by Alqaidah in Aden

Claiming that Nada is funded by western states an armed group with Al Qaeda hijacked Nada in Aden for 14 day.

Nada Achievements

Achieved many successes of the most important

Goodwill ambassadors program

March 7, 2018

Nada has established a humanitarian program called goodwill ambassadors, the program is a TV show that presents a story of Yemeni kids who need help such as patients who can’t afford expenses of treatment, Nada helped many to travel abroad and get treatment, the show also spread awareness about children relates issues like child marriage.

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Kidnapping by al-Qaeda

She was Kidnapped by al-Qaeda, placed under house arrest and arrested by Interior Ministry

End Child Marriage

Child Marriage One of the crimes against humanity committed against young girls, A gross violation of human rights,

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