“Our Dreams Thrive” project is realized to teach kids and girls

“Our Dreams Thrive” project has been funded to educate 10,000 (ten thousands( of girls and children, between the ages of 13 and 18 in IDP camps and rural areas that have not been reached by public schools. They have taught English as a special quality education, enabling them to take advantage of future opportunities on…

(Safe Havens) Project, to help girls who get married early and suffered from violence

It adopted a project that targeting girls who were forced to marry early or were subjected to domestic violence. As they are supported through contact with parents, relatives or the country’s dignitaries in which the girl lives. It is targeting the use of security services to protect and rescue the girl, according to Yemeni law…

Nada is Human rights minister

Nada was selected to be human rights minister in the parliament of children, Nada’s tasks with some children activists is to report to the Yemeni government about children situation in Yemen and find ways and tools to address the issues they are facing to stop their suffering.

Presence in national dialogue conference

During NDC that was held in 2013 in Yemen, Nada has managed a campaign to pass bill that prohibit marriage before 18 age, although the many failed preceded attempts during past years, Nada succeeded to include it within the conference outcomes.

Goodwill ambassadors program

Nada has established a humanitarian program called goodwill ambassadors, the program is a TV show that presents a story of Yemeni kids who need help such as patients who can’t afford expenses of treatment, Nada helped many to travel abroad and get treatment, the show also spread awareness about children relates issues like child marriage.

Bravetry award 2013

Nada won the bravery award as the bravest kid in 2013 from the British magazine “STARKIDS”, Nada was considered one of the most influential kids in the world for her courageous stance to win her cause and raise her voice to the whole world although all the difficulties she has faced.

Nada movie……coming soon

A German productive company is producing an international film about Nada story, the film will show Nada’s bravery in delivering her voice to the world and also will set an example for children to refuse all kind of violence against them.

Short films about Nada

Many short films were made about Nada, some were translated to different languages and are being shared on social media and TV channels to address related issues.

Nada on Media

Nada’s story have been addressed by many TV channels, radios and press, interviews have been made with Nada on international TV channels and these interviews have  achieved a great resonance.

Honored by the International Federation

He received the honor by the International Union for the communities of Yemen in Riyadh, in recognition of its efforts bone in the defense of children around the world and the issues of courage and determination to face the challenges in all circumstances.

Opened channels of communication on the Internet

He worked to open channels of communication with the community and children through the means of social communication with all its components to deliver childhood voice to the world, and the benediction with interest activists around the world.