Childhood in Yemen is at risk

The killing of young girls in Yemen outside the law, in less than a year, exceeded all limits of reason and logic.

Girls are killed through early marriage and forcing them to do so under inhuman pretexts, and those who refuse to do so are abused or killed under the pretext of honor and shame.

Only the marriage of underage girls in Yemen has become one of the most widespread things until it has become a commonplace in community life.

In addition, those who offer help to these victim girls or try to prevent parents from early marriage are attacked and threatened by tribal sheikhs and their situation becomes unsafe so as not to object again.

Hundreds of young girls under 18 are married daily, especially in rural areas, deprived of education and their basic human rights, and made them domestic servants, taking advantage of the absence of the government and the economic collapse.

The Girl Maab was killed by her father – 10 year old girl -Yemen

Others were killed by their parents when they refused to marry for fear that they might love someone, because that would bring shame on the family, they claim.

Unfortunately, the courts do not respond to the appeals of minor children because the law does not protect women in general and especially minors because society is based on customary laws governed by tribes, customs and traditions.

Lives of girls are in a very precarious situation. We need to intensify media efforts to put pressure on the legitimate governments and the coup government in order to gain legal support and to raise this issue to the world so that communities are aware of the dangers of these ideas against minors and respect human rights.

My aunt Hashima committed suicide at the age of 13 years

The duty of human rights organizations is to work with great care and concern to raise awareness among societies about the importance of human rights respect, especially the rights of girls stipulated in international laws and the law of the rights of the child. Yemen is one of the countries that have signed these laws and committed to them.

However, the conditions of war have hampered the work of local human rights organizations and most international organizations, with the exception of some relief organizations, which have resulted in a continuing violation of the rights of children and girls, the decline of awareness and education of local communities and the decline and role of human rights activities.

During this year, approximately 316 girls were killed due to pregnancy or childbirth, while nine girls were killed in suicide accidents, which were divided between firing, throwing themselves from high places, burning with fire or taking poisonous substances.

Five girls were killed by their parents before marriage, two of them died under torture. Three girls died in domestic violence.

My sister Nadia tried suicide at the age of 12 years

What is sad is that some of the ignorant in society consider the killing of the girl increases the honor of the family and protects them from shame, and the tribe earn noble values ​​that preserve its dignity. They see any girl who demands her rights and completes hereducation, but wants to spoil society and bring disgrace to her family and her tribe, they may kill her if she persists.

They consider the educated girl to be a disgrace to her family and society and to be expelled from her place of residence.

Because of my activities in these cases, I was subjected to many violations and faced various charges that made my life in Yemen under death.

Despite this, my determination and the persistence of human rights activists will bear fruit if you contribute with us to transfer the issue of the Yemeni girl to the world to practice pressure on the Yemeni government to fulfill its commitments to the rights of the children, so that we can get legal support to raise the awareness of society about the importance of the rights of the child, as girls are the most vulnerable to violations of their rights.

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