Children Military Recruiting and its Danger on Yemen Future

Children Military Recruiting is a humanitarian unprecedented Disaster in world history, blatant violation for human rights and a war crime according to international laws and regulations. Huthi group in Yemen is of the worst terrorist groups after ISIS in regard overly publicizing the recruitment of children in an explicit violation of international laws.

 What does Children Recruitment means  ?
 Military exploitation of children and it take different shapes:
Participation in war actions directly.
Participation in supportive roles like carriers, spies, correspondents or monitoring points.
Using them as human shields.
Promoting for gaining public sympathy so that people say other party is killing children.
What dose Hutheis use to recruit children.
Huthies ways of recruiting styles vary and on top of them comes seducing children through:
 1- Periodic camps
2- Encouraging children or threatening their guardians.
3- Kidnapping children form schools or streets such as:
– Street children
Late from home children due to their work in the markets.
Why are Huthies recruiting children  ?
 The easiest way to raise wars and continuing it is recruiting children .. why?
The child has a wide imagination and it is easy to attract his in any conflicts without logical explanation or convincing him to national case.
Has no fear of death like adults and in this way he becomes brave in face of war
Cheap and cost nothing , non-negotiable doses not retreat on battle field
Seducing them by strugglers Huthi militia is considered a logistic support to them because they don’t want him to think of coming back home
If child is dead the Huthies use that in two ways”
Gaining sympathy from community that the other party is killing children and raise people to take revenge and recruit more from their families.
Shining his as martyr although young so that this encourages other children to get recruited
What will happen if Huthies Recruit Children ?
 Children who are raised on killing, blood and weapon carrying become as follows:
First : the child will become aggressive and uncooperative with others.
Second: will become part of terrorism due to the ease of convincing him in terrorist explosions and suicide bombing.
Third : will be part of criminal gangs and we will witness many killings and thefts.
And these will be greats dangers and many of them will be in prisons and the other part will become a danger on life.
Tomorrow children will become adults and ill form human power and the biggest disaster will be when it’s all this generation:
Illiterate, it is moral that because since he has been recruited it means he has no education.
Will be exposed to joining violence series.
A generation that is raised up in an aggressive surrounding full of kills and destruction witnessing
It will be a generation that is thirsty for blood and threatening public security in whole region.
Was exposed to seduction in his life due to his presence in military camps
And this will be accompanied with psychological situation all his life
And will become mental retarded generation and raise his sons on the same backwardness
Was deprived of living with his family and when he gets married he will reflect his experience on his sons in all sides and here comes the greatest disaster.
 How many did Huthies recruited?
 According to UN agencies there has been about 3 thousands children recruited which they could count and register them officially.
Those who were not registered is more than 20 thousand children aged less than 17
Personally when I was in Sana’a and exactly in Shamlan area the third days of Huthi invation on Sanaa I tried to flee to Dhamar
And when we passed in the street we have seen bodies in front of our eyes on the ground tens of the children aged from 9 to 14
There are organizations which says it is hard to determine number of recruited children because in every second hundreds of children get recruited in all governorates
 Why are we warning legal gevernment and resistance?
 First : they lose the justice of their case because whoever fights for children future is suppose to protect childhood and not recruiting children.
Second : it is violation of children rights and taking off their right in living.
Third: they are committing a war crime according to Rome law of international crimes.
They are being accused locally and internationally due to the ugly crime they are committing.
Fifth: the child becomes avenger of them in the future because he will know that he was used, tricked , deprived from family and childhood.
Sixth: stimulating society against him because they have stolen the future of their children.
Seventh: documenting their crime in history books.
 What does Hutheis use to recruit children ?
  How to get children away from recruiting ?

The children should be away from watching Huthies media in any way for the sake of conserving children in houses.
Trying to displace to freed areas.
Raising awareness of the dangers of children recruitment and spreading it widely to reach every father and child
Doubling efforts y rights activists and journalists to conduct big media campaigns
Trying to deliver childhood voice to the world and the crimes that are committed by Huthies so that we can find who can stop that.
Consider all who participate with this group an enemy because he is considered a partner in their practices and give it longer life.
Distributing this video widely.

 Children Military Recruiting and its Danger on Yemen Future ?


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