Education Situation in Yemen is Threatening Future of Coming Generation


Education is the basis of developing civilization and growth of nations future. And the existence of any danger to education will result in the growth of behindhand generation that will become a threat to international security and social peace. We hereby, listed the danger of an armed group tried to destroy education with all its systems using all possible tools after taking over the government using force and without respecting peoples’ decrees.

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And as far as this topic terrifies you and makes all worry, at the end it will be a shock !
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What did (Huthi Group) do to Education?

Education in Yemen has been transformed into an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the history of the world,
Through three extremely dangerous tools
First : Weapons Stores
They turned schools into military barracks
And military camps to their militia;
They destroyed schools which I myself was force to leave
Second : misuse the unavailability of Government.
Gathering children from schools in many ways.
Many of them were forcefully kidnapped;
Or using their need for food and shelter.
Third : Bombing School national curriculum
And here by bombing (Focus on the word ‘bombing’) it means
They changed the educational curriculum starting form nursery
to educate students on factionalism, racism, incitation violence, killing and destruction;
Encouraging young students to carry weapons ;
And to hate all those controvert (Huthi) group believes and methodology

Numbers showed that war in cause close of about 1400 schools in Yemen;
And the number of out-of-order schools has raised to 1600
According to available statistics, 70% of teacher
did not get their salaries since last year
And that not the Huthi group nor the legal government honored their promises for teachers under their control areas.


 Why does Huthi group destroy education in Yemen?

They want to turn the coming generation into armed militia,
Thirsty for blood , ready to join terrorist groups
Mutinous to all government laws.
These tools is enough to turn the coming generation into timed bombs threatening social peace and international security;
And may form more terrifying groups than ISIS and Al-Qaeda
Easy to join violence series
To implement Agendas that are hostile to Arab world especially Gulf countries;

What is left of education as a result of Huthies wars?

Huthies didn’t destroy schools only, but they destroyed Holy Quran houses ;
Institutes and higher education centers
Most of them has been bombed and some are almost empty;
They have taken student from orphans’ houses to gather them in front lines
They also forced many to displace and therefore deprived from education as well
They took teacher salaries;
For more than two years and this makes teachers unable to continue educational process

 !My message to parents

To parents…
Try to stop this terrorist Group from war
to begin drawing up a plan for your children suitable with their aspirations and ideas and achieve their dreams
In order to, after ten years, we will have a generation able to lead the country towards total development and building mature educated and conscious minds.
To get rid of this group and replace them by a legitimate government even if it had failed the country
But it provides a legal cover to recover the rights of your children that were taken from them and educating them in by the best international tools.
At least with the government you can demand basic services and salaries for teachers
And questioning it by law in front of the world and changing it in legal ways, if the government doesn’t fear God, it will fear the international community’s discontent
While this group does not fear both and do not take into account the interests of people,
Violating international laws,
The real peace is stopping this group and taking away their weapons.

Education Situation in Yemen


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