In every house, there is domestic (family) violence against children without mercy

In every house, thousands of children are killed psychologically, mentally and intellectually

In every home, there are no humane parents because of extremist ideas against childhood, especially girls

In every house human monsters have been transformed from their humanity because of the accumulation of unjust cultures against children

 We must stop all this if we want a safe home

Media and humanitarian efforts must be intensified to raise awareness among the community, rescue girls from domestic violence, and help girls to complete their education.

Everyone without exception should be a strong supporter of respect for international human rights laws in defending the rights of children so that we can be the nucleus of change for a better homeland.

 We have to practice pressure on the political and security decision makers to issue memorandum protecting girls from early marriage and forcing the parents to complete the education of the girl because it is half the society and because she gives birth to the other half and is responsible for its upbringing, so culturing and educating her will be reflected on our society and create generations more aware and civilized and respectable to human rights laws.

Society's respect for women, particularly girls, is a measurement to the economic, intellectual and cultural development of the society, and the world will respect us accordingly.

 Attention to the rights of girls and children's rights makes the world bend in front of the greatness of this ancient conscious people.

Taking care of children's rights compels the world to respect us and open its doors to accept us as a tolerant civilized society, cultured with all human values without prejudice to the unjust customs traditions against girls.

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