Ending child marriage is the right thing to do

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Ending child marriage is the right thing to do.
Girls around the world deserve to live full childhoods, go to school, be free of the violence and negative health consequences associated with child marriage, so that they can choose for themselves without violence or coercion, also when and whom they’ll marry.

Not only does child marriage negatively impact lives of the girls themselves, it also directly hinders the accomplishment of the development goals ,which set development priorities for the world.
Efforts to end child marriage and advance the health and rights of girls must be at the center of the global development agenda, in order to end extreme poverty and ensure human rights for all.
Ending child marriage is the smart thing to do.
Child marriage perpetuates the cycles of poverty, poor health, illiteracy, and violence that have negative impacts on overall development, prosperity, and stability.

We can continue to invest in development programs around the world, focusing on ending child marriage could ensure that goals on issues as diverse as education, health, violence, and economic advancement are met for both this and future generations of girls, including their families, communities, and countries.

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